Month: July 2019

17. Amy McGrath, Defending Los Angeles on 9/11, Jon Stewart Whips Rand Paul’s Ass, Robert Mueller’s Military Service, Chick-fil-A vs Waffle House

This bold new episode of Angry Americans is feeling the need. The neeeeed for speeeeed. As the trailer for the new Top Gun: Maverick movie went viral nationwide, our guest for this episode has felt that need for speed. And the need for service. She was the first female Marine Corps pilot in history to […]

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16. Soledad O’Brien, Trump The Racist, Senator Rand Paul SUCKS, Fireball Whiskey and Riding Horses, The Inspiration of Heroes Named Lewis

Racism is ripping American apart right now. As President Trump doubles-down on his Tweets, and the parties remain deeply divided, Army veteran and renowned activist @PaulRieckhoff breaks it all down from a unique perspective. He adds light to all the heat and brings the 4 I’s: integrity, information, impact and inspiration–and explores the history, the […]

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15. Megan Rapinoe Thumps Trump, Laura Ingraham and Kristy Swanson (AKA Buffy The Vampire Slayer) Pick a Fight with Rieckhoff, The Death of the Moderates, The Oldest 4th of July Parade in Vermont

The heat of summer is here and @PaulRieckhoff takes you through the hottest political and social stories you need to know–and some you may have missed. He breaks down why Megan Rapinoe is one of the most clutch athletes of our time–and why she and the World Cup Champion US Women’s Soccer Team is so […]

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14. July 4th Special: Trump’s Stupid Military Parade Thing, The Best of the Car Question with Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Maddow, Ron Perlman, Willie Geist, Zainab Salbi and Wes Moore, Why The US Women’s World Cup Team Rocks

It’s America’s birthday. And there nobody better to spend it with than Army veteran and activist @PaulRieckhoff for a fun and insightful break-down of the latest news from a wild week in politics that culminates with Trump’s unprecedented and controversial July 4th military parade in Washington, DC. But we’re taking it easy this week and […]

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