Day: April 23, 2020

Rieckhoff on Cuomo 4/23/2020

  Angry Americans host Paul Rieckhoff joins CNN’s Chris Cuomo to discuss the VA’s lack of preparation and planning for the Coronavirus.   If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. Especially now. But this show is about more than being angry. It’s also about being active, informed and vigilant. It’s bigger than any party–and […]

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AP: VA medical facilities struggle to cope with coronavirus

Angry Americans host Paul Rieckhoff sounds the alarm on the VA in this April 23, 2020 AP news article. “There has been a failure of leadership at VA, and veterans, VA employees and the public are suffering as a result,” said Paul Rieckhoff, founder and former head of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America […]

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