Month: August 2020

74. Fred Guttenberg. The Powerful Parkland Dad Speaks Out On The Republican National Convention, The 17-year-old Shooter In Kenosha, Biden vs Trump, Getting Thrown Out Of The State Of The Union. Rieckhoff Rips into RNC, DNC, NBA, Hurricane Laura.

If anyone has a right to be angry it’s Fred Guttenberg. [10:31] He suffered a terrible loss when his 14-year-old daughter Jamie was shot at Parkland, Florida’s Stoneman Douglas High School. Despite his pain, he emerged the very next day. He spoke at a vigil addressing his community. It was carried nationally and the entire […]

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73. Mayor Pete Buttigieg (Replay). The Democratic Convention. President Obama is Angry. The Dems Miss on National Security and Politicize The Troops. Trump Says No Americans Have Died in Afghanistan. The Octonauts Are Awesome.

Our host, combat veteran, author and renowned independent activist Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) rips into a weird and historic Democratic National Convention with a focus on national security, military and veterans affairs. Rieckhoff has himself attended every Democratic and Republic convention since 2004. He breaks down the winners and the losers–and how the democrats missed a […]

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72. General Mark Hertling On The Threats Facing America. The Pandemic, Russia, Trump Yanks Troops From Germany, Unrest in Belarus. Is Kamala Harris Ready to be Commander-in-Chief? President Mayhem vs The Post Office. RIP, College Football 2020.

As the pandemic, the 2020 election and Black Lives Matter protests dominate new headlines, America’s national security is more vulnerable than at any other time in recent memory. Our military has been weakened, our troops have been politicized, our people are sick, our country is divided, and our enemies are celebrating. Everyone is talking about […]

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71. Rex Chapman. The Master of Twitter Inspiration and Former NBA Star on the Pandemic, Trump, BLM, and Sports Reopening. Shutting Down Mitch McConnell. Opening Up About Opioid Addiction. Playing for Team USA with the Admiral. Going Viral in a Pandemic.

Former NBA star (@RexChapman) [17:53] has quickly become one of the single most popular and beloved figures on Twitter. Rex was a basketball superstar. He took the Kentucky Wildcats to the Sweet 16. And played for the USA national team in the Pan-AM games.  He was an NBA lottery pick, going #8 overall in the […]

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