Month: October 2020

83. Dr. Vin Gupta. The Pandemic Expert & Air Force Major on COVID & Election Day, How to Keep Loved Ones Safe, Whether or Not to Get on a Plane, Sending Kids Into Classrooms, Going Home for Thanksgiving. Halloween’s Never Been Scarier.

As Election Day finally hits America, so does the pandemic. Voter turnout is soaring–and so are COVID cases. It’s the scariest Halloween in recent history. But we’ve got no tricks in this episode–it’s all treats. We’ve got useful, thoughtful, candid analysis and recommendations from one of the brightest public health minds in America.  Dr. Vin […]

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82. Chuck Hagel. The Former Sec. of Defense on Trump, His Relationship with Biden, American Leadership in Crisis, the Future of Independent Politics, the Debate, and Epic Halloween Costumes. From Wounded Army Private in Vietnam to Leading the Pentagon.

“We are solvers of problems–as Americans.” -Chuck Hagel.  These are tough times in America. And it’s time to listen to our toughest leaders. Leaders like Chuck Hagel.  Chuck Hagel [13:26] is a true American success story–and has been an independent voice of reason on our political landscape for a generation. Hagel served as the 24th […]

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81. Malcolm Nance. What Happens The Day After Election Day? Preparing for Imminent Violence and Domestic Terrorism. President Mayhem vs Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Milley. Malcolm’s Awesome SCIF, Last Resort, Jericho, Red Dawn and Hannah Montana.

For years now, we’ve all been focused on November 3. 2020. Election Day, 2020. Everyone is understandably obsessed over primaries, swing states, turnout, voter suppression, down-ballot races, and Russian attacks. And we’ve all been focused on Election Day, November 3, 2020. But few are talking about what happens on November 4. Few are talking about […]

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80. Mick Foley. The Wrestling Legend Speaks Out. Trump’s Time in the WWE. Harris/Pence Smackdown. The Rock For President? Dude Love’s Message for All. The Superspreader Blames Gold Star Families. RIP, Eddie Van Halen.

From Trump’s time at Wrestlemania and subsequent induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, to rumors of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson running for President, to Linda McMahon’s run for the Senate, to Jesse “The Body” Ventura’s surprise independent election as the Governor of Minnesota, American politics and wrestling have been intertwined for decades now. And […]

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79. Christine Todd Whitman. Sh!tshow Debate Recap with the Former NJ Governor. The Future of the Republican Party. The Impact of The Lincoln Project. Her Message to 9/11 First Responders Now. Grandparenting in the Pandemic.

The first debate between Trump and Biden was a disgusting mess. But what did it really mean for the election? And for America? Will it change anything? Will it move independents and Republicans? What is the future of the Republican party if Trump loses? Former New Jersey Governor, Environmental Protection Agency Chief and current Chairwoman […]

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