Month: April 2021

112: Paul Begala. America Is Bouncing Off Bottom. Are Democrats Winning or Losing? Biden’s Address & First 100 Days. The Future of Independent Politics. Can Matthew McConaughey Win in Texas? Guns or Shovels. Are Dems Too Woke? Cursing, Drinking & Twitter.

“Thank you for your patience.” That’s how President Biden ended his historic and unusual address to the joint session of Congress. After all we’ve been through over the last four years. And after the last year especially, America was in the roughest place of our lifetime. And we hit rock bottom on January 6, 2021. […]

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111. Baratunde Thurston. Derek Chauvin is Guilty. Analyzing Media Coverage of the Trial. How The Hell Do We Process All This? The George Floyd Murder is the Mỹ Lai Massacre of Policing. Going to High School with Jon Bernthal.

The biggest verdict of or time is in and Officer Derek Chauvin is guilty of murder. Is America guilty of celebrating too much? Is this a turning point–or just a one-off? Did American political leaders do enough? What are the parallels between the 2020 George Floyd murder video and 2002 beheading video of journalist Daniel […]

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110: Jon Bernthal. The Iconic Actor Gets Real About America at a Crossroads. Defining Toughness, DC Statehood and Insurrectionist Using The Punisher Skull. The Walking Dead, George Floyd, Fatherhood, Sativa, DMX, Pitbulls.

President Biden has declared the war in Afghanistan over. The George Floyd murder case continues to unfold. Coronavirus variants are spreading fast. And the J & J vaccine is on pause. It’s still a tough time in America. 100 days into the Biden presidency, things remain pretty damn turbulent. And Americans are still deeply divided. […]

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109. Ethan Nadelmann. Pre-4/20 Marijuana Special Episode. New York Legalizes Cannabis. Should All Drugs Be Legal? Can Weed Spark America’s Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery?

The marijuana reform movement is on fire. In the election last year, beneath all the Biden and Trump drama, every single state-level cannabis ballot initiative passed–from New Jersey to Mississippi to South Dakota. And now, New York state has legalized the green stuff. Federal legalization is gaining steam, the industry is exploding and everyone wants […]

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Heartwarming New Pod Hosted by Rick Sorkin and Sharon Kopelmann Makes Every Day Mother’s Day NEW YORK, April 7, 2021 Everybody and their mother has a podcast. It’s true. It’s also the title of the newest podcast production from the powerful innovators at Righteous Media. Everybody & Their Mother (Has a Podcast) launched a brand […]

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108. Rick Sorkin & Sharon Koppelman Spring Break Special! Meet The Son and Mother Hosts of the New Righteous Media Pod: Everybody & Their Mother Has a Podcast. Also, Cannabis is Finally Legal in NY!

It’s spring break this week for millions of kids across America. School’s out, Passover, Easter, and March Madness are also here, and millions nationwide are spending extra time with family. And so are we. In this special episode, we are thrilled to introduce you to two new members of our media family: the captivating hosts […]

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