Month: February 2022

156. Russia Invades Ukraine. Jehriko Turner and Don Elivert. Introducing The B Dorm Podcast. Race, Politics, Culture, Friendship, Fun. White People Saying The N Word. Joe Rogan, Trevor Noah, MLS and Notorious B.I.G.

Yesterday was the last day of peace on the European continent for a long time to come. We are on the brink of world war. And will be for some time to come. This is the dawning of a new day of war in Europe. War between a dictator and an alliance of free nations. […]

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155. Ana Marie Cox. Everybody’s Not OK. Pandemic Drinking. The COVID Mental Health Crisis. Alcoholics Anonymous As a Model for Governing America. The Church of Media Personalities from Rogan to Maddow. Sober Questioning & Self Care. Austin, Texas, USA.

We are all tired as hell right now. After the last few years of….ALL OF IT….we’re all depleted. From the pandemic, to the political drama, to the possible new world war with Ukraine…it never seems to end. And mid-February can be the hardest time of year–even in the best of times. So here we are. […]

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154. Dan Lamothe. Damning New Reporting on the Afghanistan Debacle. Military Leaders Clashed with the State Dept as Kabul Fell. Biden Blocks Media Embeds for Ukraine. Where Are The Whistleblowers? The Washington Post Military Reporter On His Latest Work.

There is breaking news that you need to hear about. And so we’ve got a special episode to tear into it. Because especially in this already wild winter of 2022, now is a time to stay vigilant. The US withdrawal from Afghanistan was filled with carnage, tumult and political spin. But after months of denying the […]

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153. Molly McKew. Ukraine In the Crosshairs. Cyberwar with Russia Has Already Started. Putin’s Love of F&*%ery. Red Dawn 2022. Redefining War. The Klitschko Brothers On The Front Lines. The Russian Influence & Information Warfare Expert Is Back.

American diplomats are boycotting the Olympics, the Cincinnati Bengals are in the Super Bowl, and Russia is threatening war. It kinda feels like the 1980s again. And it is very much a time to stay vigilant. Especially with regard to Ukraine. While the world watches to see if Putin will invade the country, the attacks […]

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152. JW Cortés. A Bloody January For Law Enforcement. 30 Cops Shot in One Month. Inside the NYPD Officer Ambush. Police As a Political Chew Toy. Cops of Color in the Middle. Fatal Funnels, Punxsutawney Phil, Roger Waters & The Washington Commanders.

​It was a very bloody January in America for law enforcement. At least 30 cops were shot nationwide. From California to Montana to NYC. It feels like Groundhog Day every day. And in 2022, police are the hottest political chew toy in America. A space previously reserved for troops and vets. In a powerful new […]

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