Month: September 2022

KBLA: The Tavis Smiley Show – September 23, 2022

Paul joins Tavis Smiley for another great conversation with a focus on the Ukrainian fight against Russia and how it might hit closer to home than you think.

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189. Matt Zeller & Afghan Activists. 24/7 Firewatch Outside the Capitol To Support the Afghan Adjustment Act. Ukraine’s Roll Continues. Biden Says Pandemic is Over. Trump Again Threatens Violence. Puerto Rico Slammed. Marcus King: Musical Freight Train.

Fall is here. And it’s crazier by the day. Trump drama, Ukraine war news, natural disasters, political dysfunction, election campaign warfare. It’s something new and terrible every day. But there’s one important issue you’re not seeing in the news. Important enough that it has dedicated citizens sleeping outside the US Capitol in Washington tonight. It’s […]

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188. Christine Todd Whitman. Inside the Forward Party. Why Should Independents Trust It? Is There More Than Andrew Yang? Ukraine Running The Table. The GOP National Abortion Ban. “MAGA Republicans”. 9/11, 21 Years Later. Train Strike Gaining Steam.

Silly season is here. It’s less than two months until the midterms elections. And it’s on. Politicians are doing all kinds of crazy things. And the stakes have never been higher. Republican Senator and Sellout-in-Chief Lindsay Graham introduced a national abortion ban bill this week. Texas Governor Greg Abbot shipped busloads of undocumented migrants into […]

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187. The 9/11 Episode. The Stories Behind the Day with First Responders. Rob Serra, Richard Naviasky, Joseph Cammarata, Al Barry and Survivor Lila Nordstrom.

 9/11 is the single most influential moment of the 21st century. It was terrible and tragic and it was a moment that will remain etched in our country’s history forever. It was a moment that redefined the trajectory of the entire world and will continue to shape the future for decades to come. 9/11 […]

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186. Congressman-Elect Pat Ryan. Inside The Political Win of the Summer. A Case Study In Appealing to Independents. Fighting Gas Prices, Trump, Abortion Rollbacks, & His Own Party. An Army Intel Vet on Trump’s Classified Docs. A Where Is Yang Update.

Democrat Pat Ryan (@PatRyanUC) just won a special Congressional election in upstate New York that has the entire political world talking. Few picked him to win in the traditionally Republican-leaning area. But against the odds, the combat veteran pulled it off. And inspired people of all backgrounds nationwide. And now, analysts and strategists nationwide are […]

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