289. Tim Mak. An Eyewitness to Russia’s Attack on the Kyiv Kid’s Hospital. The Collapse of Joe Biden. Still Too Soft on Ukraine. Describing a Double-Tap. How the Debate Looked to Ukrainians. More Kennedy 9/11 Disinformation. Mattis, LeBron & the Olympics.

Monday morning, in advance of the NATO Summit in Washington DC, Russian missiles ferociously tore through a children’s cancer hospital in Kyiv-sending a brutal reminder to the world. Russia is not sparing anyone. Putin is proceeding to murder innocent children while the world watches.

This is why veterans recently started American Veterans for Ukraine and it’s why so many other people have felt the call to serve. And it’s why we’re not going to look away on this show. We’re not going to stop covering this terrible conflict, until Ukraine achieves victory.

Tim Mak (@timkmak) is a leader dedicated to that victory. Tim is founder and editor of The Counteroffensive. Follow them now. He’s an independent, investigative journalist with a background in politics, national security, and emergency medicine. He was there in Kyiv as the attacks unfolded. He rushed to the hospital to report on the carnage. And he joins us between power outages from Ukraine now. After this week’s deadly attack, he’s the perfect independent voice to hear from.

And our host Paul Rieckhoff tears into the collapse of support for Joe Biden, why the most recent politicians to abandon Biden are so important, the squishiness from the White House on Ukraine, why Jim Mattis is back in the news, why American Generals have so often been President, JFK Jr’s latest conspiracy theory pushing (and snake catching!), why LeBron is what American politics should be, and why the Olympics are so important to America (and Americans) right now. 

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