132. Admiral Mike Mullen. The Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs on The Next 9/11, Gen. Milley’s Call to China, the Afghanistan Debacle. The Sept 18 Threat to Washington. Lessons Learned, Taking Accountability for Failure & Lady Gaga’s Giant Egg.

The 20th anniversary of 9/11 has now passed. Afghanistan remains a mess. The delta variant is ripping through thousands of unvaccinated lives. And there is new, looming domestic terrorism threat facing our Capitol this week. 

It’s all a painful reminder that our fun, vaccinated summer of 2021 is almost over. Fall is coming in fast. And it’s definitely a time to stay vigilant.

There have been 46 Presidents of the United States. There have been only 20 Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And you’re about to hear from the best one of our lifetime. 

Mike Mullen is a man who might have made a hell of a president. Mostly, because he never wanted to be one. But he’s also a man who almost became a candidate for Vice President of the United States. And not as a Republican or a Democrat, but as an independent. 

Independent Americans is continuing our unique, independent focus on the most urgent threats facing America. And exploring how they’re all intertwined. And how we can pull them part–and fight them together. From 9/11, to the pandemic, to January 6th, to the debacle in Afghanistan, to the threats of domestic extremism–they’re all a test of the fabric of our nation. And they all are made worse by how badly that fabric has been weakened since 9/11. 

Is 2021 America what Osama Bin Laden would have dreamed of? 650,000 Americans dead, our international reputation in shambles, our politics paralyzed, our people divided, and literally, killing each other. 

Just like 20 years ago this week, we have a choice to make. Do we stand with America and a brighter future? Or do we stand with the enemies, and the darkness that will extinguish the bright glow of the shining city on the hill? 

It’s another conversation that keeps it real. With tough lessons–and hard truths. The kind to help you stay vigilant. Because eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. 

We’re bringing the Righteous Media 5 I’s: independence, integrity, information, inspiration and impact. We’re going from last episode with the truth from a firefighter who stood on the pile, to this episode with the truth from the admiral, The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, who was the senior military leader in the Situation Room, standing behind President Obama, watching the Bin Laden raid unfold on May 1, 2011. Admiral Mullen has been America’s bodyguard. He was also the boss of every single man and woman in uniform who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Welcome to a fireside chat with a true guardian of our democracy. An exploration of leadership–with a true patriot. A sailor, an Admiral, a warrior, a scholar…and maybe most importantly of all now, a grandfather.

Our host, national security and political analyst and Army veteran Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) takes you behind the scenes for candid conversations with top leaders from all backgrounds. It’s a bold and blunt perspective you won’t find anywhere else on the media landscape.

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