139. Scott MacFarlane. Jan 6 Insurrection Arrest and Trial Update: How Many are Still at Large? Why Are They Allowed to Go to Mexico For Vacations? Kids Cleared for the Vaccine. Independents Flex Power on Election Day. Why Yang is Not an Independent.

This Election Day was just the latest painful reminder of how badly the two major parties are failing the American people. But it also underscored the growing importance (and number) of independents in America. And Rieckhoff is digging into all of it–from Virginia to New Jersey, and from Joe Manchin to Andrew Yang and his new “Forward” party.

And 11 months ago, a group of traitors, fools and domestic terrorists tried to capture and kill the Speaker of the House and the Vice President and sack our Capitol. They threw crap on the walls, rejected the results of a fair election, and tried to overthrow our government. And somehow, this isn’t the top news story on every news channel. But our guest in this episode has been staying vigilant in covering it more than any other journalist in America. He’s the best kind of Independent American. One who seeks the truth, fights for justice and demands that attention be paid. NBC investigative reporter and one-man January 6th truth-telling machine, Scott McFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews).

MacFarlane is the guy with the most important Twitter feed and news reporting on what’s happening to hold people accountable after Jan 6th. How many suspects have been arrested? How many are still at large? What’s the status of the person who tried to plant pipe bombs at the Republican and Democratic party headquarters on Jan 6. How many are in jail right now? Why are they being allowed to go to Mexico and Steelers Football games? How high is the justice department going? When will we finally see an Oath Keeper tried? What’s coming next? Scott breaks it all down. He’s the premier reporter covering with tremendous focus the single most important story in America.

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