14. July 4th Special: Trump’s Stupid Military Parade Thing, The Best of the Car Question with Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Maddow, Ron Perlman, Willie Geist, Zainab Salbi and Wes Moore, Why The US Women’s World Cup Team Rocks

It’s America’s birthday. And there nobody better to spend it with than Army veteran and activist @PaulRieckhoff for a fun and insightful break-down of the latest news from a wild week in politics that culminates with Trump’s unprecedented and controversial July 4th military parade in Washington, DC. But we’re taking it easy this week and keeping it light. And so to celebrate America properly, we’ve got the perfect holiday highlight reel with the best of the Angry Americans now legendary“car question”. Rieckhoff asks guests ranging from Sex and the City Star Sarah Jessica Parker to MSNBC powerhouse Rachel Maddow a single and revealing question: “What was your first car?” The answers will leave you amused, shocked and inspired. It’s a great way to dive into your summer and reflect on what is great about America—far beyond its politics that have us all exhausted right now.

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