146. COVID Christmas & Festivus Special. Inside NYC As the Variant Hits. The Winter of Omicron Is Here. Jason Alexander (Rewind)

 It’s a COVID Christmas. Again! Paul Rieckhoff breaks down the latest on the variant: how it’s finally hit his home, how NYC is again under siege from the virus, and how the US Army might deliver a Christmas miracle we all need right now. 

And we’re resharing a hugely popular, classic conversation for you to enjoy as you travel over the river and through the woods, if you’re in isolation with COVID, or if you’re hard at work while everyone else is celebrating. It’s a rewind to a fan favorite with Jason Alexander from way back on December 19, 2019. A special gift-wrapped Christmas classic from Rieckhoff Claus the whole team of hard-working elves at Righteous Media. 

From Episode 38:

This episode, we have a very special Festivus gift for all you good little boys and girls! Jason Alexander (@IJasonAlexander) joins the show for an extended and extremely candid conversation. Following our massive episode with Mayor Pete Buttigieg, we’ve got a huge change of pace. The man himself! The legend. The iconic actor who played George Costanza on Seinfeld is here to tell us about the true founding story of Festivus! 

And he’ll share amazing stories from an incredible life of laughs, lessons—and activism. In this episode, you’ll get a special holiday gift. You’ll meet the man behind the character you know so well. You’ll hear Jason explain what it’s been like to live life in a world where everyone thinks he’s really George Constanza. But you’ll also hear about his almost 40 years of entertaining America–from stage with Chita Rivera, to Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts, to a voicework on Dora the Explorer to a video with Nickelback. He won a Tony Award and is known worldwide. But he’s also a committed activist, a patriot, a father–and one of the most entertaining, insightful and inspiring American success stories you’ll ever hear. And yes, even Jason Alexander is angry. But this candid, extended, fun conversation will bring you hope–and happiness this holiday. 

But first, even during Festivus, if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff). 

And in these trying times especially, Independent Americans will continue to be your trusted place for independent news, politics, inspiration and hope. And a place for some great last-minute Christmas IA merch gifts. 

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