175. Summer Situation Report Special. The January 6 Hearings. Ukraine Plays Mother-May-I. Democrats Popularity Tanks as Inflation Soars. 23 Senators Vote No on Veterans. More Closed Primaries. Squid Game America, March For Our Lives and John Cena.

The battle on January 6th, 2021 was one that the good guys and gals won. Thankfully. Heroes like Officer Caroline Edwards sacrificed their bodies, their futures, and their lives, to win that battle. They successfully defended The US Capitol that day. They defended our country. And after the first few hearings held by the bi-partisan January 6th Committee, we can all see the truth now. It was a brutal, extended, coordinated, unprecedented battle. And it was a battle that the good guys and gals won. Maybe barely. That battle is over. But in this black summer of 2022, a year and a half later, the war goes on. 

And this episode, we’re switching it up a bit. No guest this time. It’s just Paul Rieckhoff and you. 

And a quick update with what you most need to know about the last week or so in America. 

Soon, we’ll have more important, inspiring and iconic guests that are shaping what America was, what America is, and what America will be. Some VERY good guests. Guests who are making and breaking news. And culture. 

But sometimes this summer, we’re just gonna fire off a quick situation report, or SitRep, of things you should know, might have missed, or need to see from a new viewpoint. An independent viewpoint. This is one of those times. 

The January 6th Committee hearings (and video), Ukraine losing traction, progress on gun reform, veterans finally getting their due, a new round of primaries closed to independent Americans, Netflix making Squid Game a reality and much more. This is a fierce one. 

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