177. Lindsay Church. Roe’s Impact on the Military & Veterans. Independents/Independence Day. Pride 2022: LGBTQ Americans Under Attack. Jan 6 Hearings Get Crazy. The Supreme Court Gets One Right for Vets. Sean Penn, NATO & Rage Against The Machine.

On this Independence Day 2022, everything is different now. It’s a very dark moment in American history. And Friday, June 24, 2022 was a very dark day. So this July 4th, after the overturning of Roe vs Wade, hundreds of millions of Americans aren’t feeling like they have much independence right now. 

In this episode, we’re gonna talk about Roe from an angle you won’t get anywhere else. How will the Roe decision impact the military and veterans? How will it impact our national security, military recruiting, and the lives of troops stationed in all 50 states and around the world?

This Independence Day, everything is different now. And we’ll dig into Roe, the blockbuster latest January 6th hearings, John Wood launching an independent Senate bid in Missouri, a big decision from the Supreme Court you probably didn’t hear about, how Sean Penn is fighting for fighter jets for Ukraine, and why this might be the most dangerous Pride month ever. 

This Independence Day, everything is different now. But leaders continue to rise to the moment. Leaders like our inspiring guest, Lindsay Church. Lindsay is an American badass. A fighter. An organizer. A patriot. Soon to be a parent. And an expert on the impact of Roe on the military, veterans, LGBTQ people and more. 

Lindsay Church (they/them) is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Minority Veterans of America, a non-partisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to creating an equitable and just world for the minority veteran community – veterans of color, women, LGBTQ, and (non)religious minorities. Lindsay has nearly a decade of experience rooted in veteran’s advocacy and grassroots organizing. They have facilitated agency-wide cultural competency trainings, provided Congressional testimonies, and speaks on myriad issues related to the equity and inclusion for minority and underrepresented communities. They’ll break down the unique threats facing women, LGBTQ people and their families. And why some queer familes like Lindsay’s are rushing to get a lawyer and updated their passports.

Lindsay is a leader for the people. ALL people. Their people. Your people. Our people. ALL PEOPLE. We’ve come far in the last decade, but have so much further to go. But brave LGBTQ military and veteran leaders have been on the front lines, made unimaginable sacrifices, paved the way, and made our country stronger. And Lindsay is one of those leaders. They represent the best of what our country is—and what it can be. This Pride month, we at Righteous Media and Independent Americans again celebrate these leaders. But we’ll also honor them by continuing the fight. Which is more urgent now than ever. And we’ll dig deep into all of it in an urgent, timely and extremely informative new pod. 

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