198. Anya Kamenetz. Thanksgiving Season Special. What Did COVID Do To Kids? The Lost Year of School. Post-Traumatic Growth. Two More Mass Shootings. We Need a War on Gun Violence. Richard Fierro: Colorado Springs’ Hero Veteran. World Cup Politics.


As we enter the holiday season, we reflect. We reflect on the good and the bad. The things we’re grateful for and the things we wish had never happened. The last bunch of years has been challenging for all of us. From the chaos of our politics, to the immeasurable losses we suffered from COVID, to the seemingly endless string of mass shootings, we’ve all been through a lot. But no one has experienced the pain we’ve all experienced more than children.

They’ve been subjected to a level of uncertainty that no other group of children has had to experience. From COVID cancellations and ambiguous school policies, to social media pressure, to whatever weird stuff hasn’t hit our radar yet — the kids are not all right. 

And so as many of us gather together with our families, we wanted to take some time to reflect and to get some answers and ideas on how to move forward past the trauma we’ve all just experienced. And we’ve got a returning guest that’s the perfect voice to hear from on all of it. Anya Kamenetz (@Anya1Anya) joined us in Episode 57 in May of 2020 to break down the beginnings of the pandemic’s effect on children. And now that we’ve moved past it, she’s back to share the lessons learned and what we can expect going forward.

Even if you don’t have kids this is one that you probably need to hear. 

From Richard Fierro, the heroic veteran who prevented the loss of many more lives in the Colorado Springs shooting, to the war in Ukraine, to Kari Lake refusing to accept the election results in Arizona — the news doesn’t quit. And neither do we. So while you cook your turkey, tofurkey or whatever else you’re eating this thanksgiving Thursday, we put together this special episode that is jam packed with the Righteous Media 5 Is: independence, integrity, information, inspiration and impact. We hope it can warm your belly as you drive, ride, or lounge this Thanksgiving season. 

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