Month: October 2021

138. Matt Zeller. America’s Halloween Nightmare. 196 Americans Abandoned in Afghanistan. 23 Million Without Food. What is “Operation Resettle Allies”? Over the Horizon = Over the Rainbow. The “Disappointing Biden” Costume. The Real Winnie the Pooh Story.

Everyone who has seen a Halloween movie knows you can’t run from Michael Myers. The only way to defeat the terror of Michael Myers is to fight him–to take him head on. And the same is true about the horror show that is Afghanistan. If you run from the truth, it will chase you down, […]

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137. Arian Moayed. Stewy from “Succession.” Why is “Succession” So Important? Kendall Roy is like the Taliban. Saying “No” to Playing a Terrorist. From Escaping Iran to Acting in Spiderman. Lessons Learned from Robin Williams. Remembering Colin Powell.

HBO’s Succession is a global phenomenon. And a reflection and exploration of our tumultuous times. And Arian Moayed (@ArianMoayed) is in the center of all of it. He is an actor, activist and American success story. A powerful creative force, a voice for the voiceless, and a key piece of the best show on television.  […]

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136. Jeremy Butler. Extremism in the Military and Veterans Community. Testifying Before Congress via Zoom. Race and the Military. The American Mental Health Crisis. Shatner in Space. Veterans Day 2021.

Fall is here, the leaves are changing, Halloween is just a few weeks away, it’s been 10 months since domestic terrorists tried to overthrow our government, and now is still a time to stay vigilant. Because while the world was focused on William Shatner and his trip to space, and on Jon Gruden’s inexcusable words […]

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135. Milo Ventimiglia. Actor and Activist. From Vietnam to Afghanistan to This Is Us. A Whole New Reason Senator Joe Manchin Sucks. Hollywood’s Biggest Union Strikes. The Fight for the Global War on Terror Memorial. Celebrity Tourists in War Zones.

Milo Ventimiglia (@MiloVentimiglia) is an actor, director and producer. And one of the hottest stars in America. He’s also a really nice, hard-working and fascinating guy. And a guy with very strong opinions about everything from Afghanistan, to Senator Joe Manchin’s obstructionism, to a strike in Hollywood by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees […]

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