249. The World Is On Fire. An Exhausted Marine General Had a Heart Attack—and Senator Redneck Doesn’t Care. Republicans Finally Stand Up To Him. 29 Attacks on US Troops–And Counting. American HIMARS Hit Hard in Ukraine. Pence is Out. Halloween Kindness.

A terrible situation in Gaza is getting worse. And especially for the innocent civilians caught in the middle of the chaos, the stakes couldn’t be higher. The Middle East is on fire. And we can’t forget about Ukraine. Putin sure is hoping we will. But we can not. Especially here in America.

Everywhere you look, it seems like the world is burning. Because much of the world is. From Israel to Gaza to India and Pakistan to Yemen to Ukraine to North Korea to China–to right here at home in the halls of the US Congress. 

As the fires burn around the globe, this quick episode will deliver some key information to help you answer the call, make sense of this moment, and find hope for the future. Yes, really. 

Every episode of Independent Americans with Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) breaks down the most important news stories–and offers light to contrast the heat of other politics and news shows. It’s independent content for independent Americans. In these trying times especially, Independent Americans is your trusted place for independent news, politics, inspiration and hope. The podcast that helps you stay ahead of the curve–and stay vigilant. 

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