257. General Barry McCaffrey. Analyzing The State of the Wars in Ukraine and Gaza. Biden’s Big Border Problem. Zelensky’s Painful Return to Washington. Israel’s Greatest Test. More Rocket Attacks on US Troops. Does America Look Weak? McCaffrey for Mayor?

This holiday season is a heavy one. It’s hard to fully distract yourself from what’s happening around the world. No matter how good the Knicks are doing, no matter how sensational the Giants rookie quarterback Tommy Cutlets DeVito has been. No matter how much holiday cheer you bring or share or experience, there’s still a lot of pain and concern and stress all around the world, especially when it comes to places like Ukraine and Gaza and Israel.

President Zelensky just left Washington, D.C., after meeting with President Biden and other leaders, and he was hoping for a Christmas miracle. But the radicals inside the GOP are making sure that they’re going to be scrooges and try to spoil his Christmas and Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and every other holiday that’s happening. Because no matter how hard and true we fight, there are still some who are working against us.

There are still some who want to divide and dismantle America. There are still some who want to have our enemies celebrating. But in this show, we want to bring light to contrast the heat. We want to bring information, inspiration, independence, integrity and, of course, impact. And we want to bring you guests who can help you make sense of it.

This one is about global security, national security, domestic security, military affairs, diplomacy, leadership, and all of it with a man who’s been on the front lines of combat leadership, diplomacy, politics, and all of it for the last generation.

General Barry McCaffrey is here to break down the latest on the fight in Ukraine Zelensky’s visit to Washington. What’s happening in Gaza and Israel and what’s happening in other parts of the world where American troops continue to be under attack and most Americans aren’t even watching.

Welcome to a stressful end to a stressful year. Welcome to a conversation with a voice of reason who can help guide us through it, like Rudolph’s red nose and a cloudy night. Welcome to independent Americans. Episode 257.

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Every episode of Independent Americans breaks down the most important news stories–and offers light to contrast the heat of other politics and news shows. In these trying times especially, Independent Americans is your trusted place for independent news, politics, inspiration and hope. Stay vigilant, America.

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