260. Mayor Yemi Mobolade. New Year’s Special Replay. The New Independent Mayor of Colorado Springs. How He Won. The Importance of Non-Partisan Primaries. Power of Positivity. Captain Positivity vs Senator Redneck for Space Command.

2023 has been a big year for independents. And most of the time not in a good way. From Kyrsten Sinema to RFK Jr. to No Labels, 2023 was a steady succession of negative hits to the independent brand in all of the usual ways. Spoilers and grifters jumping on the bandwagon after being kicked off of all of the other wagons. Hangers on. Pretenders to the throne. Whatever you call them, we saw them all in 2023.

And yet, there was one bright spot. A beacon shining in the dark night. A reason for hope in a year filled with mediocrity. Mayor Yemi Mobolade (@yemiformayor) rocked the political world when he was elected as the independent Mayor of Colorado Springs earlier this year. His infectious positivity swept him into office, winning the election in the conservative Colorado Springs mayoral race this last May. 

But he’s more than just a mayor. He is our proof of concept. Proof that independents can win. And more importantly, win in places where Democrats can not. He’s also proof that you, the Independent American, are the future.

So before we head into whatever 2024 has in store for us, let’s take a little time with host Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) to look back to Episode 228 from June 22, 2023 to reflect on the victory that Mayor Mobolade represents and maybe carry a little of that optimistic spirit forward into the new year. The future is what we make it. Happy New Year America.

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