273. A Week Of Real Talk and Reckonings. Afghanistan. Trump. Ukraine. Netanyahu. Crime In America. RFK Jr’s Latest Ridiculous VP Name. March Madness in Our Politics.

This week, it’s time for real talk. Overdue real talk. On America’s terrible withdrawal from Afghanistan. On accountability for those failures that resulted in the 13 American servicemembers dying at Abbey Gate. On the fragile independent brand. On disgraced New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez considering running as an independent (Yes, really). On newly self-proclaimed independent Robert Kennedy Jr’s latest wild pick for his VP slot. On Senator Schumer’s tough comments on Netanyahu and Israel. On Ukraine. On crime in America and especially New York City. And even on March Madness. 

It’s a week filled with lots of overdue real talk. And a bit of a reckoning. And in this fast and fierce new solo episode, our Paul Rieckhoff is giving you 3-point shot after 3-point shot of real talk on all of it. From a strong and independent perspective—as only he can. Get your bracket ready and hit download. We’ll get you what you need to know quickly and without the spinning and slanting of corporate and partisan media. 

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