35. Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Maddow, Marc Roberge, Malcolm Nance, Scott Campbell, Wes Moore. The Thanksgiving Special: The Best Of The What Makes You Happy Question.

In this fun and inspiring special Thanksgiving episode, we go through the best of the “What makes you happy?” question. Paul has asked that same question of every single guest on the pod so far. And he picks out the best—after quirky and independently summarizing a wild week of important news. It’s a perfect pod to download for your holiday season travel or chill time. 

Sarah Jessica Parker will empower you. Rachel Maddow will inform you. Marc Roberge will move you. Scott Campbell will motivate you. Malcolm Nance will make you smile. And Wes Moore will remind you what it’s all about. 

It’s a massive, warm serving of mom’s best Integrity, a heaping, tasty bowl of Information, a nice white and dark meat carving of Impact, and two slices of sweet Inspiration. Despite the chaos all across America, there is still lots of goodness…and lots of reasons to be thankful.

Our host, Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) is a combat veteran, author and renowned activist who has recently appeared on CNN, MSNBC, Pod Save America, NPR and many more. He takes Angry Americans (@AngryAmericans) entertainingly through the latest headlines, the ones you need to know about from the firing of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer to Trump’s release of war criminals to the big winners at the Americans Music Awards. 

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