40. Live on Miami Beach. America’s Embassy In Iraq Under Attack. The 82nd Airborne Is Going Back to Baghdad. Trump Celebrates New Year’s Eve. Happy New Decade.

Happy New decade! The new year is picking up right where 2019 left off. Mayhem is our new normal. The American embassy in Iraq is under siege, Trump is again threatening war with Iran and North Korea is promising a new year of missiles and madness. Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) breaks it all down with his trademark independence, extensive experience, and a dash of humor. And he takes the pod to the boardwalk of Miami Beach on New Year’s Day [14:11] to talk to Angry Americans who are wild, weird and wonderful—-and all ready for a new, happier decade. So shake off that hangover, people. A new decade is here. And Angry Americans is here to take you into it with the 4 I’s: integrity, information, inspiration and impact. Download the hottest news and politics podcast in America that was just featured in The New York Times on New Year’s Day

Even in the first days of the new year there is righteous reason to be angry. And just like before, as we enter a new decade, if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. 

But there are also good reasons to be happy and inspired. Download the newest Angry Americans podcast for free here. Then, join the Angry Americans community for upcoming 2020 event tickets and free behind-the-scenes video with incredible guests including Jason Alexander, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Bradley Whitford, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rick Wilson, Tulsi Gabbard, Rachel Maddow, Samantha Bee and more.

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