96. SPECIAL DISPATCH: Dan Lamothe. The Washington Post Pentagon Reporter. BREAKING: 12 National Guard Soldiers Removed from Inauguration Duty. How Safe Is DC? Inside the Military Presence in Washington. Screening 25,000 Troops for Extremism.

This pre-inauguration special installment of The Dispatches features an urgent conversation with a leader who is covering maybe the most important story in America right now: our national, military response to the rising, imminent domestic threat at the inauguration and beyond. 

As 25,000 National Guard troops envelope Washington, DC, The Washington Post is now reporting that 12 members of the National Guard have just been removed from inauguration duty due after security screenings. At least two of those removed have possible sympathies for anti-government groups. And there may be more to come. The threat of an insider attack at the inauguration is very real. 

This is happening the same day that General Llyod Austin, Joe Biden’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, faced confirmation hearings in the Senate. 

The same day that a U.S. Army soldier was arrested for allegedly assisting ISIS in plans to kill his fellow soldiers in the Middle East and hit terrorist targets in the US including the 9/11 Memorial in New York City

A new American insurgency—is now out in the open–and likely, growing. This is our new normal now. America is at war with the domestic terrorists. We are now truly a country at war with ourselves. 

Our guest for this episode is tearing into the breaking news from inside the military and breaks down this urgent and evolving story. Dan Lamothe (@DanLamothe) is one of the best military and Pentagon reporters in America. He has written about the Armed Forces for more than a decade, traveling extensively, embedding with each service, and covering combat in Afghanistan numerous times. His intrepid reporting is breaking news you need to know more about. 

President Mayhem calls reporters like Dan enemies of the people. We consider reporters like Dan defenders of our democracy. Guardians of the people. And he takes you deeper into an urgent side of inauguration that will only get a brief mention on most cable news networks. 

How safe is the inauguration? How the hell can the FBI and Department of Defense screen 25,000 National Guard troops for extremism in a week? If DC is secure, what might domestic terrorists hit this week instead?

 This is the important stuff. This is the game-changing stuff. This is the stuff you need to know. 

Our host, Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) is an Army infantry and Military Police (MP) veteran, he’s fought an insurgency in Iraq, he’s guarded against violent mobs and terror attacks, and he’s set up check-points in New York City after 9/11. 

Most of the American media is looking on the surface—and looking back. Again, in this episode of The Dispatches, we’re going deeper–and looking forward. 

The war is on. This is your update. This is The Dispatches.

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