MSNBC’s Morning Joe – Jon Stewart: GOP using false talking point on veterans health bill

  Host and veterans advocate Jon Stewart and activist Paul Rieckhoff join Morning Joe to discuss Republican senators who voted against a bill that would provide support to veterans affected by toxic burn pits after they had previously supported the legislation.

MSNBC’s 11TH HOUR – Veterans blindsided after PACT Act blocked

  Hours after Democrats struck a deal on reconciliation, Senate Republicans tanked the PACT Act, which would’ve expanded health care for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits. Susan Zeier, who lost her son-in-law to lung cancer, and veterans advocate Paul Rieckhoff share more on the fiery fight on Capitol Hill.


  🎙🔥Independent Americans host Paul Rieckhoff joined Katy Tur on MSNBC Reports to discuss the bipartisan legislation aimed to help veterans exposed to toxic #BurnPits and #AgentOrange, what can stop it in Congress, and the pre-#MemorialDay rally for vets in DC next week led by Jon Stewart. Watch this clip for more.📺 This is progress,… Continue reading MSNBC REPORTS: BURNPITS LEGISLATION – MAY 20, 2022