101. Evan McMullin. The Independent Presidential Candidate on the Future of Independent Politics. The CIA Veteran Breaks Down the Insurrection. The Former GOP Strategist Analyzes the Impeachment and Destruction of the Party He Once Served.

Welcome to Season 2. Yep, we’ve changed the name of the show. 

For 100 episodes, we were united in our understandable anger. We were united in highlighting for others issues that had us angry–and should have everyone angry. And we were united in turning that anger into positive impact. That positive impact inspired action, supported legislation, elevated courageous voices, united people of all backgrounds, drove change–and left you entertained and inspired. 

But in the last few weeks, much has changed. Much has improved. And much has gotten worse. And so much has been twisted and manipulated. Including anger. The anger of many people of all backgrounds–but especially among those recruited into extremism. The anger of millions was something we explored for 100 episodes. Our anger–and the anger of others. And in the last few weeks, what so many of us saw as possible, became reality. That anger was weaponized and unleashed on our nation’s capitol in a truly terrible way. 

And while it’s never been more understandable to be angry, it’s not enough anymore. America is actually more divided, more angry, and more violent than ever before. And we need to combat that. We need to add light to the heat—anywhere possible. Independent Americans will be a critical part of the solution.

42% of Americans are independents, while only 30% are Republican and 27% Democrat. Since the attack on the Capitol, thousands of Americans have changed their party status. 90% of those Republicans defectors are now unaffiliated/independent. As our guest explains, that number of independents is growing fast. The most powerful affiliation in American politics is no affiliation at all. Independent Americans are the future. 

Evan McMullin (@EvanMcMullin) is a patriot. And an independent. He had a career with the CIA, in business, and in Republican politics. In 2016, he ran for President of the United States as an independent. He now leads Stand Up Republic, a nonprofit focused on government reform. Evan is a face of the future. And he’s a leader in a movement to change our country for the better. He doesn’t accept the status quo or fake patriots. 

He joins our Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) for a candid conversation to break down the attack on the Capitol, the implosion of the Republican party, and what it’ll take for independent candidates to win elections in the future. 

If you’re among the 40% of Americans that are independent, this is your show. If you’re a Republican or Democratic Party, but you’re not a die-hard, this is your show. If you’re a concerned American who cares about the future of your country, this is your show. All are welcome. 

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