134. Bradley Whitford. The Iconic Actor and Activist. The Handmaid’s Tale and The Taliban. Biden and Hollywood. What Would Commander Lawrence Do With Senators Sinema and Manchin? General Milley Under Fire. Is Afghanistan a “Strategic Failure”?

From The West Wing, to Get Out, to Transparent, to The Handmaid’s Tale. For a generation, Bradley Whitford (@BradleyWhitford) has shaped the world’s understanding of politics–through the lense of entertainment. 

But Bradley doesn’t just play politics. He lives it. At this precarious time in American history, art and politics are merging and colliding in powerful ways. He’s deeply involved in politics–and in causes he cares about. From climate change, to standing up for IATSE (the union that represents workers in film and television), Bradley’s a guy who cares deeply, and is not afraid to throw a punch. He’s earned three Emmys, been a figure in our film, TV and stage universe for a generation, and appeared in classics ranging from Adventures in Babysitting to Billy Madison to Scent of a Women to Revenge of the Nerds 2. After joining us way back in Episode 27 (one of our top episodes ever), the iconic actor and activist is back. 

This is a fun, wide-ranging and candid episode. This is Bradley Whitford and Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) chopping it up on all kinds of issues. Bradley takes you on set in Toronto and inside the Emmy Awards. It’s an insider’s look at Hollywood and politics at the highest levels. And another powerful conversation that’s about more than just politics, news and culture. It’s about America–and about all of us. 

Bradley talks about why The Handmaid’s Tale is so groundbreaking, about how Gilead is like Afghanistan, and about how he thinks Commander Lawrence would deal with Senators Krysten Cinema and Joe Manchin. We’ll also dig into his month in isolation in Canada, if he thought the Emmys this month should have been held inside during a pandemic, his Joe Biden in Hollywood story, and what he wants to clarify from his last visit to our show. 

It’s another conversation that keeps it real. The kind to help you stay vigilant. Because eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. Our host, national security and political analyst and Army veteran Paul Rieckhoff takes you behind the scenes for candid conversations with top leaders from all backgrounds. It’s a bold and blunt perspective you won’t find anywhere else on the media landscape.


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