143. Dr. Vin Gupta. The Omicron COVID Variant. What We Need to Know and Do. Preparing Yourself For a Tough Winter. The Military’s Struggle to Fully Vaccinate. National Guard Units Refuse the Shot Order. Handling Stress in the Pandemic.

In just a few weeks, Santa will be back. The lights are up, the sales have started, and the elves are on the shelves–and hanging from light fixtures, dangling from curtains and zip lining across living rooms around the world. And Santa will soon be here. But not before we all prepare to receive a very different kind of holiday visitor. Yes, Santa is back. But so is the coronavirus. And it’s new and improved in the form of the omicron variant. 

Throughout this pandemic and our war against the virus, Independent Americans has continued to bring you doses of information to help you defend against the virus. And against the stupid. To help you stay vigilant. Because vigilance is the price of democracy. And it’s also the price of a happy holiday. 

And after multiple doses of good information and light to contrast the heat, we’re back with a booster shot of the Righteous Media 5 Is, to empower and prepare you, right before the holidays hit. It’s a jab in the arm of independence, integrity, information, inspiration and impact. 

And just like Buddy the Elf is back delivering laughs, one of our favorite doctors is back on the pod to deliver the booster shot of content you need this winter. 

Dr. Vin Gupta (@VinGuptaMD) is a public health physician, an Air Force officer, a professor, an NBC News analyst, and true voice of reason. He is a helper and a patriot. He’s the guy you wish was your personal doctor right now. He joined the show back in Episode 83 in late 2020 to help you prepare for the hardest fall and winter any of us has ever faced. And he’s back now to give us the real prognosis–on the new omicron coronavirus variant, whether or not you should get the shot (if you haven’t already), the booster, and why it’s been so damn hard to vaccinate the American military

It’s a quick, focused, no-shit booster shot of an episode that will leave you better informed and ready for the holidays–and whatever comes next. If you’re a concerned citizen who cares about the future of America, this is your pod. Download it now and share it like Santa would. 

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You can also WATCH the full conversation in video with Paul and Vin here.

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Stay vigilant, America.  

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