83. Dr. Vin Gupta. The Pandemic Expert & Air Force Major on COVID & Election Day, How to Keep Loved Ones Safe, Whether or Not to Get on a Plane, Sending Kids Into Classrooms, Going Home for Thanksgiving. Halloween’s Never Been Scarier.

As Election Day finally hits America, so does the pandemic. Voter turnout is soaring–and so are COVID cases. It’s the scariest Halloween in recent history. But we’ve got no tricks in this episode–it’s all treats. We’ve got useful, thoughtful, candid analysis and recommendations from one of the brightest public health minds in America. 

Dr. Vin Gupta (@VinGuptaMD) [10:05] is a helper and a patriot. He’s the guy you wish was your personal doctor right now. He’s a public health physician, an Air Force officer, a professor, an NBC News analyst, and true voice of reason. Since the pandemic hit, Dr. Gupta has emerged as a true superstar that Americans of all backgrounds respect and trust. He’s young, brilliant and working every day on the front lines of the pandemic on a range of critical fronts from seeing patients, to appearing on national TV, to guiding tech giant Amazon. 

Dr Gupta has spent 15 years working worldwide to improve public health for organizations including the US Centers for Disease Control, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, the Harvard Global Health Institute, the World Health Organization, and the Pentagon’s Center for Global Health Engagement. He’s also a Major in the United States Air Force Reserve Medical Corps, where he serves as a critical care aerospace physician with the 446th Aeromedical Staging Squadron based at Joint-Base Lewis McChord. Gupta has assisted with bolstering the emergency health crisis response capabilities of partner nations in Africa as part of the US State Department’s African Peacekeeping Rapid Response Partnership initiative. He’s also the Principal Scientist at Amazon, where he provides clinical and strategic leadership to the company’s COVID-19 response work.

Dr. Vin Gupta joins our host, Army veteran, activist and author, Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) for a must-hear conversation that will leave you better informed and ready for what comes after the election—no matter who wins. 

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