171. John Opdycke. Opening Primaries For Independents. Who Are Independents? Millions Blocked From Voting. Taxpayers Are Funding Closed Primaries. New Maine Law Opens Primaries. Is Nebraska The Future? Massacre in Buffalo. Ukraine Wins Eurovision.


Huge primaries happened this week in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Oregon and Kentucky. And millions of independent voters (the fastest growing segment of the electorate) were shut out completely. Just like they’re shut out of primaries in dozens of states across America. And will be shut out of the Presidential primaries in 2024.

Democrats and Republicans are squabbling and battling and our children and neighbors continue to be slaughtered in mass shootings. This is America in 2022. 

Putin is losing in Ukraine. But his agenda is winning in Buffalo. In El Paso. In Charleston. And most of all, in Washington DC. The broken two-party duopoly that George Washington warned us about continues to propel the problem. And ALL of our problems. The parties can’t find a way forward to solutions. On school shootings, on immigration, on the pandemic, on education, on the future. And in America in 2022, as our fellow Americans continue to die daily–in a hospital bed due to COVID, or in a supermarket due to a radical with a rifle–stakes have never been higher.

America is broken. Because our politics are broken. But there is a path to fixing it. And this episode, we’re gonna explore it with a leader who’s dedicated his life to it. 

John Opdycke (@jbopdycke) is the President of Open Primaries. Open Primaries is a non-profit focused on a movement of diverse Americans who believe in a simple, yet radical idea: No American should be required to join a political party to exercise their right to vote.

We’re digging into who independent Americans really are. Why millions of independents are blocked from voting In America. Why is the taxpaying public funding non-public primaries? Can Evan McMullin (our recent guest on this show) really win the Senate seat in Utah this fall? Will there be a viable independent alternative to the Democratic and Republican candidates for President in 2024? 

This is an episode about solutions. And about how we can all be a part of them. 

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