170. Nolan Peterson. Former US Special Forces Pilot Turned War Reporter. Final Stand at Azovstal. Inside the Ukrainian Air War. Are Foreign Fighters Making a Difference? Bono Stands By Ukraine. Remembering Oleksandr Makhov. The American Dream 2.0.

Witnesses are calling the Avostal plant in Mariupol a living hell. There are reports that the massive complex has been bombarded 34 times in just the past 24 hours. The Russians continue to attempt to storm the plant. But the Ukrainians aren’t backing down. 100 civilians, more than a thousand soldiers, and 500 wounded remain at the Azovstal plant. The city and plant were supposed to fall weeks ago. But like with so many other moments in this war, Ukraine has defied the predictions. 

The Azovstal plant in Mariupol has become the latest symbol of Ukrainian strength, defiance and toughness. This is their Alamo. And they will fight to the last man or woman to defend it. Like they will for every other inch of their land. And we dig into the latest. 

EASY is over. This is the long haul now. 

The artillery and trench battles in the East are grinding into what could devolve into a stalemate that could last months, even years. This is where the war could turn into an even more brutal and horrfying grinder. You will want to turn away. You will feel a need to turn away. Putin WANTS you to turn away. 

But you can’t. Ukraine is the fight of our time. A fight for all times. And Memorial Day, summer break in America, Roe vs Wade, The NBA playoffs, the midterm elections—none of that is a good enough excuse to turn away from the fight of our time. The fight for all time. It’s not just the people of Ukraine who must stay focused. It’s not just just our leaders in Congress and our president that must stay focused. Every single independent American who loves freedom must stay focused. This is a time to stay vigilant. 

And in this high-impact episode we’ve got a guest who is changing the past, present and future not only of Ukraine, but of America. Another leader who knows both worlds–the US and Ukraine. 

He has spent the last 8 years of his life living in Ukraine. And has spent the last 3 months on the front lines of the war helping us all stay connected—and stay vigilant. 

He’s an American special forces veteran, a combat journalist, and the husband of a Ukrainian–who is telling the story of this war—-through his life in it: Nolan Peterson (@NolanWPeterson). 

A former U.S. Air Force Special Operations pilot and veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Nolan Peterson is Senior Editor for Coffee or Die Magazine, an acclaimed war correspondent, and a globetrotting travel writer whose adventures have taken him to all seven continents. 

And he breaks down what’s happening now in Ukraine now: in the skies, among families, inside Mariupol, inside the units of foreign fighters–and into the future. He tells us all how to Stand by Ukraine. Check out all his recent articles from the war in Ukraine. 

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