173. Fred Guttenberg. Losing a Child in a School Shooting. Is Uvalde Different? “Good Guy with a Gun” Myth Implodes. Should We See Photos of The Dead? Raising Gun Buying Age. What Biden Can Do. The Pain of The Survivors. Will Fred Run For Office?

After the recent mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas, and seeing Fred Guttenberg share his heartbreak and outrage on TV over and over again, our host Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) asked an important question: “How many more times are we going to do this to Fred?” And sure enough, it happened again. And again. And again–with multiple shootings occurring the same day as this recording–including one at a healthcare facility in Tulsa with multiple fatalities.

This is America’s new forever war. This is our tragic and horrible new normal. 

A normal where schools are war zones — and people in actual war zones are sending condolences to us. A new normal where an overwhelming 88% of people favor some sort of action on gun violence but are held hostage by 12% that don’t. None of it makes any sense, and as Americans continue to kill Americans daily, our enemies are celebrating.

They’re celebrating the division sown by politicians that care more about their grasp on power than your child’s safety. And that division is deeper than ever. And the anger is boiling over and turning increasingly violent. From our kids’ schools or to our local grocery stores, violence is everywhere. It’s our #1 national security threat. We’ve got to face it. And we’ve got to look for the helpers to help us find the way forward.

Fred Gutenberg (@fred_guttenberg) is a helper. And a hero who is pushing for solutions. He suffered an unimaginable loss, when his 14-year-old daughter Jamie was murdered at Parkland, Florida’s Stoneman Douglas High School. Despite his pain, he emerged the very next day to speak at a vigil addressing his community. It was carried nationally and the entire country was riveted by what he said. America has been riveted by Fred ever since. And he has not stopped ever since. Fred testified before Congress, started a non-profit, is constantly meeting with leaders in Washington, and wrote a book called Find The Helpers. Fred joined us back in Episode 99 and also in Episode 74 and he’s here again. It’s an urgent and timely conversation you need to hear. 

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