181. Senator Jon Tester. The Montana Maverick. PACT Act Fuckery. Roe’s Impact on Veterans. Will the VA Ever Change Its Sexist Motto? Dr. Ronny Jackson Then and Now. Farmers, Basketball, Yellowstone, French Toast and Choco Tacos.

Summer is supposed to be a time to chill, relax and enjoy life. And we’re all trying to do that. But the threats and challenges and wars and insurrectionists and viruses don’t take summers off. As our host, Paul Rieckhoff @PaulRieckhoff) just found out the hard way. After two years of dodging it like Neo from The Matrix, COVID finally got him. 

He shares what that’s been like, flies through the political landscape, explains the controversial demise of Choco Tacos, and lands on a breakdown and update on the most important piece of veterans legislation in decades: The PACT Act. It’s a bill that’s showing all of America all that’s right about Washington–and even more so–all that’s wrong. And we’ve got a powerful guest to dig into it, explain the stakes, and share the likely path forward. We’ll also dig into Roe’s growing impact on veterans, whether it’s better in Montana to be a Democrat or an independent, if the VA will ever change its sexist motto, and of course, waffles vs pancakes. 

He started out as a farmer. He’s been an elementary school music teacher. He’s a grandfather. A moderate, and a maverick, now, he’s the senior Senator from the Great State of Montana: Democratic Senator Jon Tester (@SenatorTester).

The Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee is an influential voice on many issues. He’s also a lot of fun. He likes to crack jokes, doesn’t take himself seriously, and legitimately cares about people. They say America usually elects the candidate for President that they’d most like to have a beer with. There’s no politician in America we’d rather have a beer with than Jon Tester. And after this conversation, you’ll understand why. 

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Here’s the full roll call with the names of the 41 cowards and hacks that voted NO on the PACT act for vets with toxin exposures.

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