180. Bradley Whitford. Milo Ventimiglia. Arian Moayed. The Stars Of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale‘, ‘Succession’ and ‘This Is Us’ Up Close and Personal. Special Summer Bonus Content Episode.

This is a time for stars to shine. And the biggest stars of all, are also the helpers. 

The helpers continue to emerge. After Uvalde. After Highland Park. After every Jan 6 hearing. The helpers are out there. And we’ve had some big stars of our own on this show. Sarah Jessica Parker. Steven Colbert. John Bernthal

And three in particular that are at the top of their game on three of the biggest shows in America. 

Last week we heard from some of the country’s leading voices on what it means to be an independent in America. This week we’re going to bring you a peek under the hood and a little deeper insight into some of the biggest names we’ve heard from on the show. From Bradley Whitford to Milo Venitmiglia to Arian Moayed they’ve all stood on the biggest stages imaginable and when their moment’s came, their star’s shined bright. They forged their own paths and preserved in one of the most brutal arenas that exists. Hollywood.

And so in this episode we’ll hear from these iconic actors as they share a few of the things that make them tick in these behind the scenes bonus clips. If you’re a Patreon supporter you might have heard these (definitely worth listening to again!). If you’re not, you should be. Either way, they’re a great listen and a perfect quick hit preview of our Patreon bonus content.

Get the full versions of the following episodes wherever you get your podcasts or at the links below:

Episode 134: Bradley Whitford

Episode 135: Milo Ventimiglia

Episode 137: Arian Moayed

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