192. Scott Galloway. Elon Musk: Savior or Threat? Land of Confusion. Recession Is Coming. Ukraine Rallies the World. The Branding of Independents. Politicians Are Too Old. The Forward Party: Start-Up Flop? The Rock for Prez? The Great Fragmentation.

Baseball playoffs are here, Halloween is a few weeks away, Election Day is about a month out, and Elon Musk is buying Twitter. And, now is a time to stay vigilant.

One of the richest guys in the world is continuing to stick his nose in politics. And along the way, launching rockets into space, while doing weird stuff like launching a new perfume called “Burnt Hair.” Yes, really. It’s a new bottled fragrance available via Musk’s’ Boring Company website. And it’s already sold 10,000 bottles and made over $1M.

This is our world, people. 

We are living in confusing times. Chaotic times. Stressful times. Bloody times. Overwhelming times. And confusing times. It’s not just America, the entire world is disrupted, disjointed and downright confusing.

Yes, these are confusing times. Maybe the most confusing of times. But there is a chance that it all may be the storm before the calm. The fire before the regrowth. The dark before the light. 

And we’re gonna get deep into that with our guest in this episode. He’s a man that makes sense of the confusion. Cuts through the chaos with clarity. Understands the depth of the sh$t, but still has hope for the future. 

There’s a war being fought. Sometimes you see it. Other times you don’t. But it’s there. Simmering under the surface. Filling the air with hate. Filling the world with conflict. From Ukraine to Syria to North Korea. The world is at war. Even when we say we are finally not at war.

If we weren’t at war would we need to spend $817 billion on the military budget for next year? And if we weren’t at war at home would we need another January 6th hearing? If we weren’t at war with each other would we be this fragmented? 

The two parties are failing the people. And the people know it. The people always know it before the politicians. But the politicians—at least some of them—are waking up to that reality. And jumping ship, freaking out, starting new shit, eating their own. But the alliances and unity we saw coalesce around 2022 is gone. And the great fragmentation of our politics has really begun.  

The wars are raging everywhere, and the consequences are only starting to be felt at home. The COVID pandemic pushed the markets to the brink and now we face a recession which will only help to destabilize the world further.

And so as the fires burn, we’ve got the perfect guest. A master of marketing, business, media and politics. He’s the great Prof G, Scott Galloway (@ProfGalloway), and he’s here to break down what the next few months will look like and why the market’s cause for concern might be a reason for you to be optimistic. If every crisis creates opportunity, there should be a hell of a lot of opportunities available.

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