193. Michael Steele. Election Predictions. Why is He Still a Republican? Who Will Win The House? Will the GOP Break Apart? Picking Winners & Losers in All the Big November Matchups. Jan 6 Committee Subpoenas Trump. Putin Loves Elon Musk & Kevin McCarthy.

October is the time when the real stars shine. In baseball—and in politics. 

Whether it’s Reggie Jackson or Barack Obama. October is the time when victory is determined. The time when the stars shine. Welcome to playoff season. Welcome to the playoffs of politics.

And Michael Steele is ready to play ball. In a smart and fun conversation that we recorded on his birthday.

Michael served in all levels of elected and government office. The Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Former Lt. Gov. Maryland and Political Analyst for MSNBC is also the host of his own influential political podcast. He ran for the Maryland Senate seat in 2016 and is often suggested as a candidate for President. He’s worked in the minors, the majors and all the way up to World Series levels of politics. And he’s joining us in the booth now to make some predictions before the final clashes next month. 

Other shows focus on what’s happening. On this pod, we always focus on what’s happening next. And we’re gonna run down every big race in this election season–and predict winners and losers. We also find out whether or not he’ll leave the GOP. And whether or not he’ll run for office again. This pod will go around the horn with more quickness than the Yankees disposing of the Guardians in Game 5. It’s a conversation that will help you get smarter, predict better, and of course, stay vigilant.

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