208. Rachel Maddow. On Tom Brady & the NFL. What’s She Doing Now That She’s Not on TV Every Night. The Most Important Part About Ukraine. Presidential Election & Super Bowl Predictions. Tyre Nichols & America’s Unit Culture Fail. What Brings Rachel Joy?


Unit culture is defined by leaders. Whether it’s a football team, a police force, a Congressional office or a cable news network. Or a country. 

And for more than a decade, the unit culture at one of the biggest cable news networks in America, at the most important times in our recent history, was defined by one leader. One leader whose leadership influenced the broader culture across not just her network, but all news media, across our politics, and across our culture. 

One person who was trusted (and sometimes hated) but always watched and deeply respected by millions of Americans. Of all backgrounds. 

She has grown into a media and cultural force of our time. And is truly an important, inspiring and iconic American. Someone who is profoundly impacting what our country was, what it is, and what it will be. And someone who is fascinating to talk to about anything–from Spirow Agnew and defense policy, to the super bowl and finding joy in life.  

I’m honored to call her a friend. And she’s finally back on this show–to break it down. 

It’s the one and only, Dr. Rachel Maddow (@maddow)!

If you get to know Rachel, you know a few things. You know she is really that nice in person. You know she treats everyone around her with respect and love. You know she’s a damn good friend. You know she’s even smarter than most people realize. Doing any kind of work. Watching her put together a book or show is like watching a master mason build a perfect foundation for her own house. With thoughtfulness, with precision, with sweat, with focus, with attention to detail, with pride, and with heart. She researches, she measures, she cuts, she builds. She puts tremendous pride and heart into anything she puts her name on. And that’s just part of what makes her different–and makes her special. And it’s why, like so many true icons, she’s known often only by one name: Rachel. Or Maddow. But people refer to her like they know her—-or they know of her. She’s a defining voice of our time. 

But a voice doesn’t do too many interviews she’s not hosting. And this one is a treat. We get into everything from Tom Brady’s Retirement. To the state of the NFL. To What’s She Doing Now That She’s Not on TV Every Night. To what she thinks are the Most Important Part About Ukraine. From Sinema to Desantis to Trump to Biden to Wes Moore. And even make some predictions about the Presidential Election AND the Super Bowl. 

And all along the way, Rachel will share her uniquely brilliant, powerful and sincere reflections and observations on life–and these times we’re all living in.  

Previous appearance:

Episode 7 – May 16, 2019 

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