209. Rocky Bleier. Independent Super Bowl Special. Vietnam Vet & The Only Purple Heart Recipient to Win a Super Bowl (4 Times!). Fighting for Open Primaries in Pennsylvania. State of the Union. Chinese Balloon Drama. The Grammys. Football & America.


Super Bowls are a time for leaders to step up. And for heroes to me made. 

But they’re not real heroes. They’re football players. And most of them are not real heroes. 

But a generation ago, there was a real hero playing in the Super Bowl. 

A true legend. And that legend was established the moment he stepped back on an NFL field. And was elevated after he made it to the Super Bowl. And after he won FOUR of them. 

Against all odds, he became the only purple heart recipient in history to win a Super Bowl. And the only one to win FOUR!

For more than two years, he drove himself. Little by little he overcame obstacles and fought his way back. He not only made the Pittsburgh Steelers, but also eventually became a starting running back on a team that won four Super Bowls and became the greatest football team of the 20th century.

The hard lessons Rocky Bleier (@RockyBleier) learned early in his life that helped him overcome adversity and reach his goals, have paid off after football. These lessons are seen between the lines in the popular book on his life, “Fighting Back” and on stages of speaking appearances around the country.

Rocky Bleier is a true hero. A true champion. Not just a Super Bowl champion. But a champion for veterans. A champion for America. And, now, a champion for independents everywhere. He’s leading an effort in his home state of Pennsylvania to end the ridiculous and un-American closed primaries. And continuing to inspire millions. 

Welcome to a conversation with a true champion. Welcome to Super Bowl week. Welcome to a Super Bowl Special episode of the best independent podcast in America. 

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