212. Governor Wes Moore. Leading for Vets. Redefining Patriotism. How He Captured Independents. Getting a Puppy. East Palestine, Ohio Smells Like 9/11. Why We Don’t Trust the Government. Fast, Fearless, Loved.


As chemicals continue to circulate in Ohio, Chinese spy satellites roam overhead, mask mandate divisions linger, and 9/11 first responders again have to descend on Washington to demand healthcare support, this is not an easy time to trust in government. America is hungry for competence. And hungry for leadership. And our guest this week is bringing it back. Big and fast. 

He’s the fastest rising star in politics since Barack Obama. And he may be coming on even faster. 

But can he get independents? Can he be the kind of next generation leader that can unite all kinds? We’ll find out.

The guard is changing in American politics. 

Nancy Pelosi. Soon, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Jimmy Carter…and others. They’ll be leaving the field. 

And a new generation, with new kinds of skills and ways to play the game, are taking the field. 

The Tom Bradys and Payton Mannings will all be gone soon. 

And it’ll be a new generation of next generation QBs leading the way. QBs who can move and lead and win in ways we’ve never seen before. The days of Aaron Rodgers are soon coming to an end, and the days of Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, Joe Burrow and Jalen Hurts are here. 

They’re making Chiefs and Bills and Bengals and Eagles fans out of all of us. Just like some, special Dems and Republicans can get us independents to vote for them. Despite how we feel about their team—err, party. 

These guys (and gals) can score with their arms AND their feet. And lead and inspire and bring a new excitement that we haven’t seen in a generation. 

And that’s what Wes Moore is bringing to politics. He’s a Democrat—with toughness. Young, but experienced. Visionary, but humble. And he’s coming. Harder and faster to the forefront than anyone we’ve seen in American politics since Barack Obama. The comparisons are easy. But also, appropriate. Wes Moore is changing the game, faster than it realizes it’s changing. And still, it’s not fast enough. Especially for all of us who are sick of the same old leaders, the same old partisanship, the same old nastiness. The same old shit. 

Wes Moore is the new stuff. The hot stuff. And the good stuff. 

He’s truly a phenomenon. He’s a combat veteran and the newly-elected Governor of Maryland. He’s already a favorite of many as a candidate for President. And he’s our guest. Candid, fast and fun—with his old friend, and our host, Paul Rieckhoff. This is Wes Moore like you haven’t heard him before. 

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And Paul will break down the latest from East Palestine, Ohio, Flint, Michigan, Washington, DC and the annual explosion of Peeps mutations. 

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