214. Rachel Maddow. Chef Robert Irvine. Gov Wes Moore. Gen Barry McCaffrey. From Secret Pancake Recipes to Music Recommendations to Tips on Working Out. Bonus Conversations With Recent Guests. The Iraq War: 20 Years Later. March Madness & Semper Gumby.

Instead of one amazing guest and conversation, you’re gonna get 4! Our paid Patreon supporters always get a special extra piece of content after every show. And in this episode, we’re gonna share FOUR! From four of our recent, and most popular guests. We’ve been on a tear of booking lately, and these four clips are from four of the most interesting, most dynamic and most inspiring we’ve had. 

Rachel Maddow. Chef Robert Irvine. Governor Wes Moore. General Barry McCaffey. 

Rachel will share a book recommendation. The music she’s listening to. And her favorite drink to make nowadays!

Chef Irvine shares his favorite drink, his very first car, and pancakes or waffles—to include a secret ingredient for amazing pancakes that I have tried–and is indeed amazing! 

Wes Moore shares his favorite thing about being Governor of Maryland. He shares a workout tip. AND, his favorite easter candy! 

And General Barry McCaffrey will share some wisdom—about his favorite music to listen to—what he likes to watch on TV—why we both love Dolly Parton–and how he stays in fighting shape at age 80!

It’s a fun break from the hard hitting seriousness of the last few weeks of episodes–and the news. 

And Paul also breaks down the 20th Anniversary of the Iraq War, the VA’s motto change, two more state-level wins for the independent movement, the Oscars, and Aaron Rodgers going to the Jets.

Welcome to Independent Americans, Episode 214. 

Every episode of Independent Americans breaks down the most important news stories–and offers light to contrast the heat of other politics and news shows. In these trying times especially, Independent Americans is your trusted place for independent news, politics, inspiration and hope. Stay vigilant, America. 

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