216. Rudy Reyes. Nashville School Shooting After-Action Review with the Recon Marine Expert. Generation Kill: 20 Yrs Later. Airstrikes in Syria. Chaos in Israel. Inside “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test”. SEALS Saving Seals. Positivity is Contagious.


It’s been another hard week in America. Another week with another catastrophic and horrifying school shooting. And as spring finally begins in America, this is an especially critical time to stay vigilant. 

The Nashville PD had leaders who stepped up. While others in Washington cowered and failed. And coming up, we’re gonna break it down with a legendary special operations Recon Marine and tactical trainer–who’s been in situations much like that many times. And trained many more. We’re gonna dig into what those leaders did right to save lives…and get some tips on what you can do if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. And learn about ways you can help. Ways you can lead. Because in 2023 in America. It can happen in any town. In any city. In any school. On any day. 

And as we face the very real threat of violence not only overseas—but inside every community in America-we are all looking for leaders. Looking for the helpers. Leaders who will rise to the dangerous moment, like real life superheroes. Like Nashville Police Officers Collazo and Engelbert. And like our guest in this episode. 

He’s a man Paul Rieckhoff has known for almost twenty years. He’s a real life superhero. A real life Iron Man. 

He’s the amazing RUDY REYES (@realRudyReyes). 

Rudy finished his service as a highly decorated Special Forces operator with experience of leading over 50 patrols behind enemy lines. He served one tour in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and two tours in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) as a Recon Marine Team Leader and Scout Sniper. 

Rudy’s areas of military expertise are in close quarter battle, urban warfare, amphibious raids and reconnaissance, helicopter insertions/extractions, paratrooper and combat diver missions, clandestine sniper missions as well as plain clothes/undercover operations. He’s operated in a multitude of environments, from urban, mountain, and desert. He’s also the star of multiple reality TV shows, including the recent Fox hit: “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test,”

And he’s gonna help us understand what happened inside that school in Nashville. What’s happening inside America. What’s happened since Iraq 20 years ago. And what’s happening inside the heart and soul of our country. 

We’ll also talk about the US air strikes you probably missed, protests in Israel, Spanish tanks landing in Ukraine, the Senate AUMF vote, and the best #MarchMadness ever. It’s fast, inspiring and fascinating new episode. 

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