217. Joe Walsh. The Return Of Trump. President Mayhem 2.0. Ukraine Prepares for Offense. More US Airstrikes in Syria Nobody Notices. Tulsi Gabbard is Not an Independent. Only Manchin Would Vote For Manchin. Even March Madness Divides America.


#PresidentMayhem is back. In version 2.0. As the Trump indictment continues to unfold, we’re breaking down how it will impact America, the race for President, our national defense and especially, independents nationwide. From a uniquely and truly independent standpoint. And we’ve got the perfect guest and the perfect conversation to break it all down. It’s a real and fiery talk. About real issues and real people. It’s a conversation with a self-described political bomb thrower–who understands what Trump is all about–and what is to come. A guy who helped make the Republican party what it is. And a guy who now spends his time trying to steer the Republican party away from where he helped guide it. Joe Walsh (@WalshFreedom) is back on the show, and he’s coming in hot. And you can only get conversations like this here.

And Paul Rieckhoff quickly breaks down the latest news you need to know and probably missed. From new American airstrikes in Syria, to another injection of American military support to Ukraine, to the American troops killed last week in a training accident in Kentucky, to why Tulsi Gabbard is not an independent and why he’s boycotting a so-called independent convention in Texas. 

The parties are dragging us all down. Leave the herd. Declare your independence.

Previous appearance: Episode 176 – June 23, 2022

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-As mentioned on the show, TAPS is providing support to the families of the soldiers killed in the tragic helicopter accident at Fort Campbell. Please learn more about their vital work and help if you can. 

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