219. John Opdycke. BREAKING: 49% of Voters Are Now Independents. Dissecting the New Gallup Poll. Where Are The Independent Candidates? Angry Crazy Person Shootings. Biden’s New Executive Order For Caregivers. The Hope of Spring. Jimmy Buffet Was Right.


There is new polling that shows a record 49% of Americans now see themselves as politically independent — the same as the two major parties put together.

The biggest and dominant political affiliation isn’t Democrat or Republican. It’s none of the above. 

The two parties are failing. And losing strength. And the future is independent.

Gallup analyst Jeff Jones says a big reason for this change is driven by the younger generation.

“It was never unusual for younger adults to have higher percentages of independents than older adults,” Jones said. “What is unusual is that as Gen X and millennials get older, they are staying independent rather than picking a party, as older generations tended to do.”

The future is more diverse–it’s obviously younger–and it’s independent. 

The system is broken. And we see it. And are demanding better. 

And this episode, we’ve got the perfect guest to help us understand it all better. And to understand what’s next. And why this is not a fluke–why independents are going to be #1 for a long time–and maybe forever. 

It’s a guy is who is a key leader in our independent movement, a wise and trusted elder, and the guy who I think understands independents better than anyone: our friend John Opdycke:

John Opdycke (@jbopdycke) is the President of Open Primaries. Open Primaries is a non-profit focused on a movement of diverse Americans who believe in a simple, yet radical idea: No American should be required to join a political party to exercise their right to vote. He’s the independent whisperer. And after joining us almost a year ago in Ep 171, he’s back to break it all down. To help us understand who independents are, who they aren’t, and why they’re-why WE’RE—number one. 

Welcome to the tipping point for our independent movement. 

Welcome to spring.  

Welcome to the future. 

Welcome to Independent Americans, Episode 219.

Previous John Opdycke appearance: May 19, 2022 – Episode 171

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