22. Hurricane Dorian Hits Puerto Rico. Hurricane Trump Hits the G7. Hurricane Mattis Hits Trump. Labor Day Hits America.

As storm season hits America, Angry Americans digs in. Get your sandbags out and your shovels ready. Our fearless host, Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) reads the radar, checks the wind patterns, and predicts the rainfalls as a crazy summer of politics and news rolls into the fall hurricane season with a fury. Hurricanes of all kinds (real and political) are rampaging across America and the world and Rieckhoff analyzes the stories you need to know about–and/or may have missed. Trump’s latest debacle at the G7, General Jim Mattis reemerges with a new book, Joe Walsh jumps in to the 2020 Republican primary, and Andy Luck leaves the NFL. And we explore the real meaning of Labor Day. Don’t end your summer this long weekend without the best independent breakdown of news and politics in America–and your weekly dose of the 4 I’s integrity, information, inspiration and impact.

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