221. Nick Troiano. The Future of the Independent Movement. Running for Congress as an Independent. What is Unite America? Teacher Appreciation Week. Ukraine Drones and the Kremlin. More Shootings. Senator Tuberville vs The Pentagon. NBA Playoff Fire.


May is here. And it’s supposed to be the time for flowers. We’ll see about that. But next week is teacher appreciation week. A reminder of how much our teachers do. And how much there always is to learn. And, this is definitely time a time to stay vigilant

The war rages on in Ukraine. This will be a spring–and likely a summer—of fighting all across Ukraine. And unfortunately, fighting of different kinds also here all across America. Some on behalf of partisan forces, some on behalf of independent forces, some on behalf of authoritarian forces. But whether it’s in Ukraine or Uvalde, this will be a spring and summer of learning. We all have much to learn. 

And as we near Teacher Appreciation Week, it’s a time to be grateful for all the teachers. And to reflect on how much they teach us–and how much we all still have to learn. Especially in this moment in America–and in the world—when stakes have never been higher. 

Good teachers help us keep our eyes on the future. And ground us in how much we have to learn. And our guest will give us all a lesson on politics–and especially the state of our independent movement. Over the last year of this show, we’ve also gone back and forth between two key areas of study: national and global security (with a particular focus on Ukraine)–and our rising independent movement. And we’re digging in with a leader who’s deep in it. 

Nick Troiano (@NickTroiano) has been involved in the political reform movement for over a decade, including running for U.S. Congress in 2014 as an independent candidate. Now, he is the Executive Director of Unite America, a national organization that is working to bridge the growing partisan divide by enacting political reforms and electing candidates who put people over party.

He’s out there working. And teaching. And showing independents—that we can. 

Welcome to another lesson in politics, civic engagement, movement building and patriotism.

We’ll also dig into the latest from Ukraine, why one US Senator is stopping hundreds of military promotions, the latest round of deadly shootings by crazy, angry men, and why the NBA playoffs have been so damn good. 

Welcome to another course in the independent movement. 

Welcome to a look into what’s possible–what we CAN do. 

Welcome to Teacher Appreciation Week. 

Welcome to Independent Americans, Episode 221.

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