222. Michael Steele. Why Hasn’t He Left the GOP? Republican Party Disintegration. Trump Guilty–and Ahead in Polls. Biden’s Bad Economic Messaging. No Labels No-Go. More Shootings. Ukraine Fires Its First Patriots. John Wick, NBA Playoffs & Mother’s Day.


Michael Steele is a returning guest who always brings the fire. (Hear/watch his previous appearance in Episode 193 from Oct 2022) The Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Former Lt. Gov. of Maryland has served in all levels of elected and government office and is now a Political Analyst for MSNBC and the host of his own influential political podcast. He ran for the Maryland Senate seat in 2016 and is often suggested as a candidate for President. He’s also a big John Wick fan. And he’s back with our Paul Rieckhoff to tear into all the latest headlines and chaos in American politics. They share many values, but differ on some issues and always respectfully butt heads. You’ve seen these two together on cable TV. But it’s never enough time and never truly uncensored. This conversation is both. It’s a firey, fast and fun conversation that will leave you smarter. And maybe even hopeful. 

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