240. Missing John McCain. Romney is Out. The Many Hypocrites That Forgot 9/11. Elon Musk Meddles with Ukraine—and Putin Loves It. Zip Tie Guy and His Mom Get Prison. Aaron Rodgers Goes Down. Stronger at the Broken Places.

John McCain’s life of service is an example always. Especially around 9/11. And given the state of the world, America, and our politics, we miss him now more than ever. 

He showed us that after tragedy there can be triumph. 

McCain showed us how to be, as Hemingway described, “Stronger at the broken places”. 

But some things break beyond repair. And that might be the case now for the GOP. As it continues to disintegrate, falling further and further away from the party of McCain. And the party of Colin Powell. And the party of Bob Dole. And the Party of Mitt Romney, who this week announced is not running for Senate again. 

Everything is different now. And every 9/11 is different. And 9/11/2023 was no exception. Lots of people still say never forget. But others, far too many in power, they did forget. 

Your host Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) was there to remind us all on 9/11: “Today is a day about coming back after adversity and becoming stronger in the broken places. NYC did it. The Pentagon did it. America did it. Rodgers will too.”

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