239. 9/11: 22 Years Later. More Prison Sentences for More for Jan 6 Leaders. Tuberville vs Every Leader of the Military. Larry Hogan is Not Independent. Football and School Are Back. Jimmy Buffett and #NeverForget. REPLAY: 9/11 HEROES SHARE THEIR STORIES.

22 years after 9/11, our host and 9/11 First Responder, Paul Rieckhoff reflects on where we are as a nation, how far we’ve come, what we’ve gained, and what we’ve lost. And–if after all these years–America is now forgetting about 9/11. 

He’ll also dig into parallels with the January 6th attacks, new sentences handed down to key leaders of the Proud Boys, Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville’s ongoing and terribly damaging blocks on the promotions of military leaders, how the Biden Administration is/isn’t responding, the loss of Jimmy Buffett and the return of NFL football and school for kids. And more. 

And we replay some of our most unforgettable 9/11 conversations with 9/11 heroes and survivors Rob Serra, Richard Naviasky, Joseph Cammarata, Al Barry and Lila Nordstrom.

9/11 was a moment that changed everything for the entire world. And it’s a moment that is engrained in the DNA of Independent Americans and Righteous Media. 

So at least here — we will never look away. We will never forget. We will honor those sacrifices and we will share the stories of the heroes that survived and the heroes that didn’t. Never forget is more than just a hashtag at Righteous Media. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. 

Every episode of Independent Americans with Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) breaks down the most important news stories–and offers light to contrast the heat of other politics and news shows. It’s independent content for independent Americans. In these trying times especially, Independent Americans is your trusted place for independent news, politics, inspiration and hope. The podcast that helps you stay ahead of the curve–and stay vigilant. 

Go Deeper:

Hear Paul’s full conversation with Rob Serra from Episode 2 of Independent Americans.

Hear Rob’s full conversation with Richard Naviasky from Episode 1 of The Firefighters Podcast with Rob Serra, FDNY (Ret.).

Hear Rob’s full conversation with Joseph Cammarata from Episode 2 of The Firefighters Podcast with Rob Serra, FDNY (Ret.).

Hear Rob’s full conversation with Al Barry from Episode 15 of The Firefighters Podcast with Rob Serra, FDNY (Ret.).

Hear Rob’s full conversation with Lila Nordstrom from Episode 14 of The Firefighters Podcast with Rob Serra, FDNY (Ret.).

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