247. Congressman Pat Ryan. The Vet Taking On Tuberville. What’s the Plan to Free the American Hostages? Speaker Chaos Continues. US Troops Under Attack in the Middle East—And Nobody Notices. A Message to Ukraine. Avoiding a Failure of Imagination. MDCOA.


As Israel prepares to invade Gaza, as Hamas holds over a hundred hostages, as Ukraine continues to battle Putin, as American troops in the middle east face drone strikes daily, as China looms over Taiwan, and as America tears itself apart, the world has never been closer in our lifetime to World War Three. This Halloween is an especially scary time. And we’re keeping it real. 

And as the American military prepares for all of it, Congress has no Speaker of the House, and radical Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville continues to shamelessly hold hundreds of military promotions. Grrrrrrreat. 

Finally someone in Congress has stepped up to do something about Tuberville and his political assault on our military. And no surprise, it’s combat veteran, Armed Services Committee member, West Point graduate, former IAVA Board member, New Yorker and friend of our host, Pat Ryan (@PatRyanUC). Last week, Ryan introduced legislation demanding Tuberville lift hold on military nominations amid Israel-Hamas war. He’ll share more about that. And much more. 

He’s a rising political star that’s willing to take a stand. And you’ll hear him do that again in our conversation. On the fight for a new Speaker of the House, on Israel, on Hamas, on Ukraine, on what America is doing now to bring home Americans being held hostage in Gaza, and on the future of American leadership. And, you’ll find out what he and his kids are dressing up as for Halloween. 

Courage and effectiveness like this is one reason we asked Ryan to be our guest on Independent Americans back in Episode186. And why we asked him to come back now. When the stakes for America have never been higher. 

Welcome to a time of most dangerous courses of action.  

Welcome to a time where we need imagination. 

And leadership. 

Welcome to Independent Americans, Episode 247. 

Ryan previously appeared on the show in Episode 186 – Sept. 1, 2022

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