262. Mike Novogratz & Ambassador Marc Ginsberg. Understanding Israel. And Gaza. A Recorded Live Panel Event from NYC. What They Saw On Their Recent Trip. Why They Went. Why Israel is Important to American National Security. What’s the Path Forward?

Ambassador Marc Ginsberg grew up in Israel, became America’s first jewish ambassador to an Arab nation, and currently leads The Coalition for a Safer Web, a non-profit dedicated to combating cyber terrorism and extremist incitement. He’s a diplomatic powerhouse and deeply respected expert on the Middle East. Mike Novogratz grew up catholic in Virginia, served as a helicopter pilot in the US Army, was formerly President of Fortress Investment Group, and is now the Founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital. He’s a globally recognized business and philanthropic leader. They are two powerful voices that come from different worlds and have different perspectives on Israel and Gaza, but are united in focusing on finding peace and solutions. And last week in NYC, they were united on a unique and dynamic panel in an effort to educate people from all backgrounds about their personal experiences and thoughts for the future. And they both shared their riveting stories of what recently brought them back to the region after October 7th. 

The event was titled Understanding Israel, and was hosted by friend of the show and former guest, Eli Elefant (Episode 252 – Nov. 16, 2022). And the panel with Ambassador Ginsberg and Mike Novogratz was moderated by our Independent Americans host Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) and broadcast now exclusively by Righteous Media in this important, special new episode. 

October 7th was a day the world will never forget. The horrific attack on Israel by Hamas left the world stunned. Israel’s military response has divided many. And the ripple effects of this time in history will be felt forever. Almost 100 days into this new war, as casualties continue to mount on all sides, this issue is as hot, complicated and emotional as it gets. People worldwide are divided, confused, angry, and many don’t know what to think about the issue and the many challenges it presents. But no matter where you stand on this issue, this episode will do what we always do on this show: bring light to contrast the heat—and generate thoughtful conversation about an issue of the highest priority. With leaders who sit at the critical intersection of politics and national security. This is an episode you won’t soon forget. 

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