263. Surviving October 7. Dorin Cohen. Survivor of Kibbutz Kfar Aza. A Young Mother Courageously Tells Her Unimaginable and Harrowing Story. Remembering the Hostages Still Being Held by Hamas. “I’m going to tell you a story about heaven…”

Content warning: this episode contains descriptions of violence, combat, death, sexual assault, violence against children and more.  

Dorin Cohen grew up in Ashkelon, Israel and most recently lived in Kibbutz Kfar Aza with her husband, Itamar, and her two young boys, Adam and Jonathan, where they survived nearly 30 hours in their bomb shelter on October 7. Dorin has a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Ono Academic College and is currently pursuing an advanced studies degree in Child Development at Bar-Ilan University.

Earlier this month in New York at an event titled Understanding Israel, Dorin bravely shared her story. It’s a story of unthinkable cruelty, an unprecedented moment, and unparalleled heroism. You might think you know the story of October 7th, but you haven’t heard it through Dorin’s eyes. Hers is a story that is much bigger than the division that has unfolded around the world since Oct 7th and the combat that has followed. Dorin’s story is one of a young mother, a wife, a human being, and a hero–who showed a kind of courage that few will ever know. No matter where you stand on Israel/Gaza/Palestine, this is a story you need to hear. Because it’s about much more than Hamas and Israel, it’s about the most basic brutalities and beauties of humanity. And it’s a story everyone in the world must hear. 

It comes from the Understanding Israel event that was hosted by friend of the show and former guest, Eli Elefant (Episode 252 – Nov. 16, 2022). Dorin was introduced by her friend, Rachael Braverman. And her unforgettable talk followed the panel with Ambassador Marc Ginsberg and Mike Novogratz that was moderated by our Independent Americans host Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) and broadcast exclusively by Righteous Media in our previous, important, special Episode 262 posted last week

After experiencing this unimaginable trauma, Dorin and her family are now working to build a new life–maybe in Israel–maybe in America. You can help them on this path by donating what you can to this GoFundMe page set up by their friends

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